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Here's what some folks have had to say about our houses. We'd love to hear what you have to say as well! Send your comments to info@halfvastenterprises.com.

G.F. from Toronto says …
"Sound Mind & Body is the perfect location for windsurfing and kiteboarding. Beginner and intermediate riders will enjoy the shallow flat water of the sound. The harbor channel just south of the property provides deep water to allow more experienced enthusiasts to try big air tricks. Enjoy unbelievable sunsets from the top deck and while sitting in the hot tub after your session. An expansive interior ensures you're well rested for the next windy day. This house is the best value in Avon!"

D.J. from Gainesville, FL says …
"Sound Mind & Body rocks!"

L.M. from McLean, VA says …
"We personally much preferred the Sunday to Sunday rental. The traffic is a lot lighter on Sunday. We checked the Hatteras Realty book and there are relatively few Sunday rentals. It made a big difference to us."

B.A. from Clarksville, VA says …
"I thought the view at Sound Mind & Body was spectacular until I saw the one from Bar Harbor View Cottage. On our first day in Maine we kayaked across the bay to see the seals and saw the most incredible rainbow."

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