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In Hammock with laptop

– We just discovered a technical glitch with our e-zine subscription mechanism. If you entered your email address in order to subscribe to our e-zine between 3/1/06 and 5/27/06 and have not yet received an issue, please contact us at info@halfvastenterprises.com. We apologize for any inconvenience.

3 |15|06
FREE LONG DISTANCE at Penny Lane this season. Make as many calls as you want during your stay.

WiFi ACCESS IS NOW AVAILABLE at both Sound Mind & Body and Penny Lane, so bring your laptops when you visit if you want to stay connected to reality during your vacation (although we recommend against it). Please note this means that the computer located in the office area at Penny Lane during the 2005 rental season will no longer be available.

Press Releases
1|16|06Avon, NC Property Owners Launch E-zine about Hatteras Island

Media Appearances

4|2|06 Richmond Times-Dispatch
Spirits Soar as Kite Month Festivities Lift Off

4|06 Johns Hopkins Magazine
Alumni Notes (under 1969, although Rick was class of 1973)

3|06 Island Breeze
Property Owners Start Online Magazine

1|26|06 Bethesda Gazette

Bethesda Couple Launches E-zine on Hatteras Island

(see middle of article)

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