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Group Advocates Replacing Bridge Now
"Short bridge" option favored

On your last trip to Hatteras Island, you may have noticed signs along Highway 12 requesting officials to "replace the bridge now." The signs are the work of a citizens' action committee trying to have the Herbert C. Bonner Bridge across Oregon Inlet replaced immediately.

There are two options being considered for the bridge replacement. The "short bridge" or "parallel bridge" option, favored by replacethebridgenow.com, would build the new bridge just west of and essentially parallel to the current bridge. The second option, referred to as the "long bridge" or "parallel bridge," would build a bridge more than 17 miles long west of the current bridge and completely bypassing the Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge. The new bridge would end in Rodanthe.

There are challenges with both options. Funding for the "short bridge" option is in place, but so far, the federal agencies who need to issue the permits have not done so, citing environmental concerns regarding Pea Island. There are no environmental concerns with the "long bridge" option; however, the cost would be so high that Federal funding (which has not yet been approved) would be required.

To learn more about the work of the citizens' action committee, visit www.replacethebridgenow.com.

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