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Baby pigs

The Pigman Cometh
Hurricane heads for Hatteras

Hear ye! Hear ye! The famed Pigman's Bar-B-Que of Kill Devil Hills has arrived in Buxton.

One of Shelby’s favorite places to stop on the way down to Hatteras has always been Pigman's. She just loves the minced pork BBQ and the sweet potato fries. The Washington Redskins' paraphernalia doesn't hurt either. Every time we go by the Kill Devil Hills location, we either stop and eat or at least recount some story about the Pigman.

Last fall we noticed that the building was for sale and the Pigman was closed. Oh, the agony, the turmoil, the endless curiosity about what happened. Would he reopen? What about the building? Was this the end of OBX BBQ as we knew it?

And then, our friend Sheila at Hatteras Realty said the Pigman was opening in Buxton. Oh the joy, the fervent speculation!

Naturally your hard hitting ace reporter for the Half Vaster was on the case in his usual fashion ...

Shelby: Have you called the Pigman?
Rick: I’ll get around to it – don’t worry.
Shelby: Do you have the number I gave you?
Rick: I’m sure I do somewhere.
Shelby: Shall I email it to you again?
Rick: That wouldn’t hurt.

After several rounds of this sort of discussion, your HVAR (Half Vaster Ace Reporter) located Bill Ulmer, owner of the Pigman, at Angelo’s Pizza in Buxton.

It turns out that Bill has taken over Angelo’s and the Buxton Drive-In, that wacky two-restaurants-in-one joint. Angelo's remains, but the Pigman has replaced the Buxton Drive-In. Bill has wanted to bring the Pigman to Hatteras for years and he finally found the right location.

The Buxton location will have the full Pigman Bar-B-Que menu plus hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken, ribs and an ice cream counter out back along with an arcade. He’ll be selling T-shirts and bottles of that tasty Pigman sauce (regular or hot). You can eat in, take out or have Pigman cater something for you.

They will be open year-round and their hours will be 11 a.m until 9 p.m. weekdays and 11 a.m. until 10 p.m. on weekends. For more information, visit www.pigman.com.

What about the Kill Devil Hills location? It's true that the building is for sale, but the Pigman will stay there for this year. He may move to a new location, but he’s definitely staying in KDH.

Out of curiosity I had to ask about the Redskin memorabilia. Bill
said he and the former owner, Bill Shaver, are huge fans. By the way, Bill bought Pigman from Bill about six years ago and the former Bill is retired and living in Virginia.

And, now for the really hard hitting inquisitive kind of question your Half Vaster team is known for – at the KDH location, there is a pen, a pig pen. On that pig pen, there is a sign saying it's the home of Miss Piggy Lou. Of course, we needed to know if Miss Piggy Lou is resident in Buxton.

Bill assures me they are building a pen for a pig who will be born very soon. The pig's name will be Hurricane.

You heard it here first ... Hurricane is coming to Hatteras.

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