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Half Vaster

Jim, Peter and The Rod

Matt Hooper Wins Rod Raffle

Where's my fishing rod?

Last month we reported that Jim Focht of Hatteras Jack's in Rodanthe was raffling off a $700 fishing rod to help raise money for his son, Peter, who has MS and needs an operation. Shelby and I went by the Rodanthe Community Center on February 25th, the day of the drawing and bake sale. I figured I'd buy a mess of tickets and steal the rod because this was the off-season and probably not too many people had heard about the raffle. I went in and said I wanted to buy $25 worth of tickets. They gave me a string of tickets and told me to put my name and phone number on each ticket. Man, that's a lot of work, having to write your name and phone number twenty five times; thank goodness I didn't say give me fifty. I figured for a $700 rod it was worth it.

They told me to put my tickets in a big hat that was already full. Seems the word had gotten out. But my confidence didn't falter. Shelby and I bought some of the baked goods too. If you want a sugar rush, try the fudge.

We thought we'd hang around until I won the rod and save them the shipping costs. I thought they'd be drawing the winning ticket at 3 p.m. but they seemed otherwise occupied at that time so we left. On the way out we ran into Clyde, a Rodanthe legend who did some work for us when we owned properties there. He and some of his buddies were out on the porch lying to one another about who was going to win my rod. Clyde, ever the gentleman, offered that they could all hold the rod for a few moments once he won it. I tried to straighten them out, but it was no use. Each one of them was sure they were going to win my rod.

I realized as we readied this e-zine for publication that I hadn't gotten a call telling me where to pick up my rod. So I called Jim and he told me that Matt Hooper, one of his son's buddies, won the rod. I hope he got home all right and didn't get waylaid in the parking lot. I'm guessing that when they pulled my winning ticket, they couldn't read my handwriting in order to call me.

New at Hatteras Jack's
Also I spoke with Ryan at Hatteras Jack's and asked what's new. They've just gotten in the new Fusion rods from Wheels Deals and his band 3/4 Slug will be doing a dance fund raiser for Peter later this spring - stay tuned for details.

This past weekend the drums were biting pretty well off the point and down on Ocracoke.

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